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Democrats = Pussy Party

These politicians are fearful and craving and should be dismissed immediately. Pay no attention to them. They mean nothing and say nothing meaningful. You are being duped by them every time you listen to them when they open their mouths.

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The Tulsi Courage Gap

I really, really wish that Tulsi, in that moment in time, had had the courage to disavow the Democratic Party and go rogue, go People’s Party. Maybe she will find the courage eventually!!! Or maybe someone else will. But that’s what needed to happen.

America Politics

I just stopped all of my recurring donations to Bernie Sanders, AOC, Tulsi Gabbard, and my local Democratic party. πŸ™‚βœŠπŸ’œπŸŒ

It’s time for a people’s party. Enough of this messing around.

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Today’s Democratic Party: The Party of the Rich and Powerful!Β  :-)Β  Finally!!!Β  And forever!!!!!!!!

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I’m trying to provoke idiots who support hollow, bought candidates. πŸ™‚πŸ€˜βœŠ

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Podcast episode for February 5th 2020, “I’m the only person listening to this”–politics-and-trip-to-New-Orleans-and-cats-eafh5p

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I just realized why even whatever-we-call-Democrats-these-days don’t want to get money out of politics. πŸ™‚

It’s because money serves as the lever through which they can foist their decisions upon us using commercials, media time, and advertising, our modern day propaganda machine. It’s not as I used to think naively because they fear that Republicans will still outspend them in some way.

If if we were to remove their ability to spend money on manipulating us then they would have to seize and maintain their power the old-fashioned way which is by offering us ideas and reasons to elect them.

2020 Politics

Schmuck Schumer being a good boy.


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