To All The Christians Who Do Not Observe Christmas In The USA…

Check out @BernieSanders’s Tweet:

If a country were truly a democracy then voting day would be a national holiday. It would be a sanctified occasion for sure. To do otherwise would be like being a Christian and not observing Christmas or Easter. 🙂

So let’s just make up our minds and decide if we want to be a democracy or if we do not want to be a democracy. If we’re going to do it let’s do it well, go all in for God’s sake! Otherwise just stop pretending and do something else.


Elysium: A Must-See Movie Before the USA Mid-Term Elections Scheduled for November 6, 2018

I haven’t even finished this movie and I had to start writing about it.  I strongly encourage you to watch this movie before the USA’s mid-term elections scheduled for November 6, 2018.  Watching Elysium will either . . .

  • Fire you up because you were going to vote anyway and this movie illustrates why you are so awesome for voting against the wicked Republican Party and their Jabba the Hutt stand-in, Donald Drumpf
  • Motivate you to vote because you see how awful things could be in just a few decades if things keep going as they are
  • Impress you with it’s fresh narrative without having to resort to rebooting or retelling or re-imagining or ripping off entirely or just being redundant

Where to Watch

More info about the movie on . . .



Here’s a Reality-Based Battle Plan for the Midterms and Beyond – Truthdig

Brava! What a critically important article to read prior to twitching a single nerve in that voting place YOU ARE GOING TO GO THIS NOVEMBER 6, 2018, or what I’m calling Black America Day! Because we may be venturing into unknown territory here, a void, or it will be a black mark on our nation, or it will signify the rightful rise of Black and Native Americans who have been persecuted continuously for far too long.

Rise up! Reclaim power! And let your voice be heard proud and strong, not just this once but as continuously as the march of the white male supremacists over this precious planet of ours.

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