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Another correct assessment of Disney’s ruination of Star Wars. :-)


An example of horrible journalism. This trash shouldn’t be published anywhere. It pollutes the minds of all who come across it.

Far Out Magazine: From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin: 6 legendary acts that Keith Richards hates.

No one even volunteered to put their name on it. Go figure.

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Watch “Bernie’s Endorsement of Biden, Plus David Rees On Predicting The Election | Useful Idiots” on YouTube

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I feel like this is my birthday today! 🙂💜


The old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be….🎶

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How to include original post content when sharing a post on Facebook

I don’t know why Facebook buries this s*** in the last place you would look for it. Stupid ergonomics.

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Watch “Pelosi:Corona Vaccine Should Be “Affordable”. WTF?!?” on YouTube

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National Review: Goodbye, Liz

National Review: Goodbye, Liz.

Sounds right to me.

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Today’s Democratic Party: The Party of the Rich and Powerful!  :-)  Finally!!!  And forever!!!!!!!!

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Voting isn’t supposed to be strategic. It’s supposed to be reflective of your values.

I’m f****** sick of hearing people talk about their strategies for voting the way that they do. F****** sick of it. That’s not what democracy is about. You look up how the candidates stand on the issues that you care about and then you vote for the candidates that reflect your values. That’s it! Doing anything else is just f****** things up even more. The truth is staring you in the face but you don’t even see it. When Donald Trump gets reelected you’ll get another chance to learn a lesson.