Here’s why this ex-Republican left the party – and now thinks the GOP needs to be reduced to smoldering rubble

I sincerely and greatly commend Max Boot and others like him for being so philosophically courageous as to face this situation honestly and follow the truth wherever it led them, regardless of how painful, isolating, disorienting, and lonely it might have been. They set a crucial example for others regardless of their political or social beliefs.

Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to UN and will leave post at year’s end

Nikki Haley resigns as US ambassador to UN and will leave post at year’s end

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she’s resigning because Putin threatened to murder her.

Time to stand up finally, International Community. The world needs its just, democratic government.

Here’s a Reality-Based Battle Plan for the Midterms and Beyond – Truthdig

Brava! What a critically important article to read prior to twitching a single nerve in that voting place YOU ARE GOING TO GO THIS NOVEMBER 6, 2018, or what I’m calling Black America Day! Because we may be venturing into unknown territory here, a void, or it will be a black mark on our nation, or it will signify the rightful rise of Black and Native Americans who have been persecuted continuously for far too long.

Rise up! Reclaim power! And let your voice be heard proud and strong, not just this once but as continuously as the march of the white male supremacists over this precious planet of ours.

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