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Learn your lesson, people! This is what can happen to you when you step out of line in the famed United States of America.

Look at all the freedom! Can’t you see it? What’s wrong with you???

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Portland, Oregon, district attorney is being bullied by juvenile, fascist Portland police

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An extremely timely movie for this COVID-19 era of ours in America.

This really sets the stage for what we are going through right now. Hunter was exactly right about Nixon and all its administration portended for this miserable country. We are now reaping what we sowed back then. This is the price we pay for failing to elect George McGovern. This is the price we pay for not electing Henry A. Wallace. This is the price we pay for not electing Bernie Sanders. This is the price we pay for not electing George Mason. This is the price we will continue to pay until we learn our goddamn lesson. So fucking educate yourself, people. Smarten the fuck up. It’s your responsibility as a citizen of this country. If you decide it isn’t then maybe you should shoot yourself in the head or just leave some other, more graceful way. But you are standing in the way of progress. STFU and GTFO.

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Money is the root of all evil.


White-Male-Capitalist-Supremacist Shitheads Across America are Gettin’ Out the Guns (and chainsaws)


My Home State Has Fallen Victim as Well.

I don’t like what’s going here. :-(((((((((((((((((((((

I know white-male-capitalist supremacy isn’t limited to the big cities and The South, but I am actually saddened to see this in my home state of New Mexico. πŸ™

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Fucking knuckleheads.

Violence, if it ever were to need to occur, should only be a response to violence itself. Nothing else justifies it.

Going a step further, the socioeconomic impact of what this victim did to deserve this treatment is vastly surpassed by the damage inflicted by being arrested. In other words, this isn’t something worth arresting someone for.

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I don’t plan on stopping for cops anymore. :-)

If I can help it. . . .

  • I will not stop for a cop
  • I will not speak to a cop
  • I will not obey a cop
  • I will not turn my back on a cop
  • I will not listen to a cop
  • I will not thank a cop


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Body-cam footage of live fascism in action!!! :-)

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The New Israeli Flag! :-)

The truth hurts, don’t it? πŸ™