Life After Divorce

This came up on my computer’s lock screen.Β  Beautiful view!!!Β  Something to look forward to after this catastrophe.Β  It’s somewhere in Argentina.Β  If you want to know *exactly* where ask me and I will tell you.Β  Because I think I made a note of it somewhere.Β  And if you’d like to accompany me on the trip then please leave a comment and we can talk about it!Β  πŸ™‚

This photo strikes me as being a wonderful metaphor for life.Β  If you were to reach one of those peaks it would certainly require a lot of effort, planning, patience, strength, sacrifice, resilience. . . .Β  But along the way is so beautiful.Β  Every step brings a new perspective, revealing things that were hidden before but visible now with your keener eye, higher vantage point. . . .

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