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Police can go away. We don’t need them. They will only ruin your day.

Dear retarded United States citizens, the white ones, the scared ones, the rich ones, the stupid ones, the hill people, the developmentally challenged-yet-legally-capable and gun waving,

The police were invented to make sure your grandpappy’s niggers didn’t stray too far from the plantation. Now they fashion themselves as Iron Man and Captain FuckFace in battle gear like the big kids get to have, all ‘roided up and ready to punch you in the face in a moment’s notice. They would rather you run or resist, though, so they can get the chance to shoot something other than squirrels, deer, or in their mommy’s underpants.

What use is a cop for? I don’t need one. Do you? Why? What are you afraid of? I am a big boy now, myself, and don’t need a big, strong daddy to tell me how to piss and spit and shit around the toilet, much less beat my mommy when she doesn’t kiss his flat ass.

Grow up and live your life, stupid.

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The New Israeli Flag! :-)

The truth hurts, don’t it? 🙁

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The Daily Beast: Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at ‘Lunatic’ Trump Fans Who Threatened His Son

The Daily Beast: Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at ‘Lunatic’ Trump Fans Who Threatened His Son.

Makes sense! 🙂⛪✝️

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Here’s your Joe Biden, you fucking idiots.

I’m not voting for him and I hope you won’t either. Write in the candidate of your choice. Because, clearly, neither party is interested in nominating a candidate worthy of a vote.

Fuck all this.

Apparently things have to really hit rock bottom before enough people wake up. A lot of people have awakened! Obviously! And that’s fantastic! But the dead weight at the other end of the spectrum is still in deep sleep. Well, get ready, because the alarm’s about to go off and you can’t snooze it. 🙂 Go fuck yourself. You’ve held us back for far too long. Enough is enough.

Update, 2020-03-25:

There’s more!!

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Today’s Democratic Party: The Party of the Rich and Powerful!  :-)  Finally!!!  And forever!!!!!!!!

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Joe Rogan radiates intellectual integrity while Joy Reid is a mere media opportunist.  :-)


Your American government assassinated a man who provided underage women/girls who were raped by Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, and lots of your other favorite people.

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Yet another Central American coup against a democratically-elected government conducted with the hands-on support and blessing of your US Government and its various tentacles. 

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(508) Democrats Deep Ties To Russia & Ukraine Corruption! – YouTube

This is just amazing.  🙂  The hypocrisy is truly staggering. The Democratic establishment is rotten to the core.  Fuck the Democrats.  We need a Socialist Party in this goddamn, crooked country.  Time to get real.  This is ridiculous.