Have we forgotten the true meaning of Labor Day?

The holiday began as a strike against excessive workweeks but now bears little resemblance to its worker-centric origins, even as the founders’ gains are slowly lost.

Source: Have we forgotten the true meaning of Labor Day?

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    • As I have said so often before, the long memory is the most radical idea in America….”

Doing television interviews while under the influence of drugs et al.

Check out @RedTRaccoon’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/RedTRaccoon/status/1027542109551820801?s=09

What do you think? Is it better to go ahead and tell the audience up front that the person speaking is under the influence of something or is it okay to let them be distracted trying to guess what’s going on? If it were me I would probably go ahead and say, “Look everyone. I’m on something right now so that’s why I’m acting funny. Please listen to what I’m saying anyway.”

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