Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg humiliated by Damian Collins committee – Business Insider


Justice is delicious. 🙂

The crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women — High Country News

The response to a disproportionate problem is falling short.

Source: The crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women — High Country News

Instead of addressing this from the perspective of “crime” I feel like the only way to adequately respond to this situation is for the United States of America to accept responsibility for the ongoing genocide of Native American civilization.  By doing so the inherent value of Native Americans will be established, being equal to other human beings, and these problems will naturally receive the attention and resources they deserve.

Anita Hill Documentary Is Essential Viewing to Put the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings in Context – IndieWire


The headline took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

This really was an Illuminating documentary. Fortunately I got to see it in theater in Bethesda, Maryland, when it came out. I would highly recommended in any case but especially right now I think it would be extremely valuable given the political context of the fraudulent Supreme Court hearings we’re witnessing these days.

I was somewhat politically aware during this episode in American history but watching the documentary was so much more enlightening and I came away from it with both an extremely high amount of respect for Anita Hill and an extremely high amount of disgust and disappointment in our white-male-supremacist political leadership (including the now beloved-by-association Uncle Joe Biden) that continues to infect our politics. It’s time for us to finally rid our American body of this virus don’t you think?

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