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David Foster Wallace discusses Consumerism (2003)

Very poignant observations on our pathetic consumerist society by the eminent, late David Foster Wallace.

Also worth reading or listening to is This is Water. I say that to myself on an almost daily basis now; “This is water.

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Money is the root of all evil.


2020-04-13 @ 12:09 @ , streaming Jimmy Dore


Now would be a good time for Mark Zuckerberg et al. to pull that golden parachute. :-D

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(288) Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google – YouTube

This is a phenomenal presentation by Dr. Richard Wolff on the long-known, glaring flaws of our capitalist system, their dire implications, and, most importantly, humane, enlightened alternatives.  This is must-read material for anyone who wants to have an informed perspective on capitalism, Marxism, democracy, freedom . . . pretty much anything, actually.

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r/2meirl4meirl from Anticonsumption

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This Christmas, Over Half a Million Americans Will Struggle with Homelessness

Sounds like a whole mess of freedom to me!! Praise Jesus, America! USA, number one!!

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(309) Fully Automated Luxury Communism | Aaron Bastani – YouTube

I’m tempted to read his book.  I have a lot of other stuff to do right now though.  🙂  If anyone else has read it, however, please do tell me what you thought of it.