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Educate yourself about the Joe Rogan / COVID-19 situation with the assistance of Russell Brand

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TheHill: Fauci: Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 comments ‘incorrect’.

Instead of just spouting lines from one person and another this journalist could have delved into the details and synthesized something useful. This article leaves the reader with nothing but confusion. What is the point of that? It isn’t even educational. There are important points made by Joe Rogan that are true and inarguable and those are not contested by the supposed experts. That would be an interesting angle for the journalist to explore.

It all comes down to logic, people. Use your fucking brain and think.

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COVID-19 + capitalism

capitalism uber alles from COMPLETEANARCHY

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(570) Joe Rogan Experience #1073 – Steven Pinker – YouTube

A nice, big, daily dose of truth!!!  :-))))))))))))  So refreshing.