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It’s important that we understand what actually goes into making a free, vibrant democracy or else we won’t know how to preserve it and help it flourish. Simply accepting that things are the way they are and they will continue to be that way forever is foolish and childish. It’s important to see that things are always at risk of destruction. Nothing is predetermined. Nothing is permanent. We must strive to preserve what is best about ourselves and to nurture and create more goodness or else other things will spring up as weeds in the garden. Another way of putting it is if you are not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. If you can’t look at your life and see ways that you are actively promoting goodness in the world then you are actually promoting and facilitating negativity.

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Forget what Chuck Todd says. He doesn’t see the big picture.

Commercial, private media is the worst affliction of human civilization at least since the 20th century. I cannot wait until its era is past. It is truly a double-edged sword at best. No one can seriously argue its merit after what we have come to now.

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I’ve loved this channel since the mid-nineties. ย Awesome stories and illuminating information for your starving brain.

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