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Almost a singularity unto itself!!! The Hill’s Rising hosts the awesome Noam Chomsky! :-)

I will have a lot more to say about this later. 🙂

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A reliable source of truth: Noam Chomsky :-) <3

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Here’s your Joe Biden, you fucking idiots.

I’m not voting for him and I hope you won’t either. Write in the candidate of your choice. Because, clearly, neither party is interested in nominating a candidate worthy of a vote.

Fuck all this.

Apparently things have to really hit rock bottom before enough people wake up. A lot of people have awakened! Obviously! And that’s fantastic! But the dead weight at the other end of the spectrum is still in deep sleep. Well, get ready, because the alarm’s about to go off and you can’t snooze it. 🙂 Go fuck yourself. You’ve held us back for far too long. Enough is enough.

Update, 2020-03-25:

There’s more!!

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Same ol’, same ol’

Chomsky in 1989 calling a Trump-like base from chomsky

Despite the varnish of advancement I think it’s clear that our civilization is about as ignorant and dumb as it’s ever been.


Question on @Quora: Why is Noam Chomsky now at the University of Arizona?

Question on @Quora: Why is Noam Chomsky now at the University of Arizona?

Anyone know the answer? 🙂🎓