Great interview with Robert Reich

One of the more interesting parts of the discussion is when he talks about Drumpf using the military to avoid leaving office should he be defeated in the election. πŸ™‚ Wacky stuff.

Nancy Pelosi is filthy and rotten.

Gotta love that Nancy Pelosi!!! Give ’em hell, Nancy, you firecracker! πŸ˜€ 😐 >:-(

Mueller is a consummate Company Man (decidedly not any kind of morally upstanding maverick) and behaved exactly as such to the dismay and mild consternation of loser, milquetoast Democrats

For a little more context πŸ™‚ :

Some important truisms you should accept sooner rather than later. :-) Wake up!!!

  1. The citizens of this planet are governed increasingly by the wealthy elite through corporate control of governments including the tragically hilariously, fraudulently undemocratic United States of America, Inc.
  2. The environmental crises we are experiencing need to be addressed immediately if it isn’t already too late in order to prevent this planet from being uninhabitable by human beings.
  3. The wealthy elite have clearly known for a long, long time that these environmental crises have been on the horizon and have chosen to continue their path of greed and destruction.
  4. The wealthy elite are obviously increasingly prepared to abandon the concept of preserving human life on Earth in the interest of their own preservation in some form, either in the shrinking number of habitable places on Earth or on extraterrestrial platforms such as orbital communities, colonies on other planets they are able to reach.

It is up to us to come up with our own solutions, to engage with these challenges before us, to raise up our voices, to connect with each other and work together to regain control of life on Earth. This is not science fiction or far-off speculation. This is right now. This has been happening since Christopher Columbus. And as with most problems, it seems, it would be far better to address it now rather than waiting even later and later and later. It only gets messier the longer we wait. We’ve already been asleep for far too long. As Rage Against the Machine implores us, WAKE UP.

VIDEO: Inside the Decades-Long Republican Campaign to Suppress the Vote | The Nation

This movie was fantastic!! Extremely well researched and concise, it clearly and patiently explains how the few and powerful interests in the USA, Inc. used the morally bankrupt Republican Party and the guileless and bystanding Democratic Party to effectively subvert the voting process.

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