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It’s funny how you couldn’t tolerate watching scenes of anything resembling torture when we watched TV together, Karen.

What the fuck do you think you’ve been doing to me for the last two and a half years?? Are you that stupid? You have been torturing me and driving me to behave in ways that you are then suing me in court for. You are a dunce and a simpleton. I look forward to the time when I can explain all this to Elliott and Wesley. I hope you are proud of the behavior you have exhibited over the last two and a half years and I hope that you are able to stand by however you behave from this point forward as well. I hope you are proud of yourself, you precious little girl. You will have to reckon with your misdeeds at some point or another. And I won’t be the judge, however much you pretend to be scared of me. I’m coming to believe that all of the hyperbole and exaggerations that you have been saying in court about being scared have just been a ruse to deceive the system and maybe even yourself into believing that you have been justified in doing what you’re doing. You are a liar and a petty person. You should look in the mirror for a while. Try and understand exactly what you are, what you have become.

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2021-02-26 @ 07:52; New episode of “I’m The Only Person Listening To This”; Listen now at ; Life update for Thursday
February 25, 2021; My court
hearing was on Tuesday πŸ™‚πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ•‰οΈπŸ’œπŸŒπŸŒŒπŸ‘½πŸ––

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2020-11-09 @ 17:51; New episode of “I’m The Only Person Listening To This”; Listen now at ; πŸ™‚πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ•‰οΈπŸ’œπŸŒπŸŒŒπŸ‘½πŸ––

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The world is a dangerous place. :-) And that’s just the way it is.

The world is a dangerous place. πŸ™‚ And that’s just the way it is. Nothing would ever be able to change that fact. You can spend as much money as you want on ammo, guns, orbital defense systems, whatever. . . . You are never as safe as you might like to be. So just get used to it and move on with life. πŸ™‚

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Marco Rubio needs a pacifier.

The Hill: Rubio hits Warren’s ‘crude and vulgar’ response to opposition to same-sex marriage | TheHill.

I’m sorry there are people who feel differently than you do, Marco Rubio. I’m sorry that you, supposedly, for now, unless you are a white-male-capitalist-oligarch, have to respect their feelings and rights and speech. I’m sorry that you even have to countenance them.

Traditions change, dear boy. For example, do you expect negroes to greet you at the door when you arrive at a fancy dinner party? Do you don a traditional white wig when attending the faire? So which traditional values are you talking about?