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This is what it takes to get rid of a SWAT team! :-)

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Rural Ohio Idiots display their white-male-capitalist-supremacy

This is where it gets really messy. You have lots of stupid white people hating on intelligent white people who know what’s up, but they are massively outnumbered and outweighed (hee hee). And the cops are just do-nothings. Protecting the peace? Enforcing the laws? What exactly are you doing there, kids??

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Fucking knuckleheads.

Violence, if it ever were to need to occur, should only be a response to violence itself. Nothing else justifies it.

Going a step further, the socioeconomic impact of what this victim did to deserve this treatment is vastly surpassed by the damage inflicted by being arrested. In other words, this isn’t something worth arresting someone for.

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Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


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Don’t Believe The Hype

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We don’t need cops.

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Body-cam footage of live fascism in action!!! :-)

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Police can go away. We don’t need them. They will only ruin your day.

Dear retarded United States citizens, the white ones, the scared ones, the rich ones, the stupid ones, the hill people, the developmentally challenged-yet-legally-capable and gun waving,

The police were invented to make sure your grandpappy’s niggers didn’t stray too far from the plantation. Now they fashion themselves as Iron Man and Captain FuckFace in battle gear like the big kids get to have, all ‘roided up and ready to punch you in the face in a moment’s notice. They would rather you run or resist, though, so they can get the chance to shoot something other than squirrels, deer, or in their mommy’s underpants.

What use is a cop for? I don’t need one. Do you? Why? What are you afraid of? I am a big boy now, myself, and don’t need a big, strong daddy to tell me how to piss and spit and shit around the toilet, much less beat my mommy when she doesn’t kiss his flat ass.

Grow up and live your life, stupid.

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Compare and Contrast: Cops vs. Whites & Cops vs. Blacks

See if you can tell the difference. 🙂

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Tempe Police Arrest Man Suspected of ‘Penis Man’ Graffiti Taggings | Phoenix New Times

If you are too stupid or under-informed to know that we are living in a fascist, police state then you need to fix that situation ASAP.