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(21) Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on Bipartisan Elitism and Themes from Their New Book | Useful Idiots – YouTube

EXTREMELY enlightening conversation here.  🙂  If you honestly feel like there are things called “bipartisanship” or “progress” and wish to see them take place in this country, watch this video.

(Move to Amend!!!!!!!!)


Eamon Javers on Twitter: “What’s not in this tweet is any indication WHY Mnuchin is not going to the conference. Is the administration concerned/offended/horrified by the alleged Saudi murder? Or is this just a scheduling issue? Tweet itself does not say.…”

I agree. 🙂 The actual thought process that resulted in this decision is something I’d like to know but that’s probably just a fantasy. If I were Mnuchin however I know why I wouldn’t be there: I wouldn’t want to hang out with people who might see it fit to bone-saw me to death later in the month; and who would be able to bring themselves to do that to another human being; and who would be able to order others to do that to another human being.

It’s a disgraceful lack of ethics, Mr. Mnuchin et al.

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Better World Club – Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel

Better World Club Roadside Assistance Insurance and Travel

Source: Better World Club – Roadside Assistance, Insurance and Travel

I love Better World Club and have been a member for years.  I strongly encourage you to take a look at supporting them so they may support you and the rest of the planet when you need it.

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