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The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Coming for New Orleans – The Atlantic

As my friend just noted, this doesn’t look good for Mississippi. I’m guessing Mississippi is going to make Louisiana look like merely a bad day. And I hope it wakes people up to the significance of this horrific income inequality and disparity in the quality of life in this stupid, ethically and philosophically bankrupt country. Vote for Bernie Sanders you f****** idiots! Medicare for all! And better late than never, because it’s going to happen eventually no matter how hard you try to fight it, you stupid, greedy f****.

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Sharia Law, Anyone? Mississippi gubernatorial candidate stands by refusal to allow female
reporter to interview him alone, which she says is ‘sexism’.

Poor guy. Maybe it would help if she would cover herself up also?

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That’s right, you dumb, hick fuck! Another great month in Mississippi!

What planet do you live on?

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Matt Shea: the Republican who stokes fears of civil war and fuels conspiracy theories

Matt Shea: the Republican who stokes fears of civil war and fuels conspiracy theories

At least he’s up-front and honest about what he believes and not half-assed about it like the rest of the cowardly Republican delegation in Congress!!! If only Nancy Pelosi had this much spine and strength of conviction on principles! But alas we are left with cold calculations that amount to nothing after nothing after nothing.

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DeSoto County voter wearing T-shirt with Confederate flag and noose identified

2018-11-08 @ 19:54

And now he’s fired. 🙂

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Facebook prank tricks dozens of angry Trump supporters into protesting outside North Carolina store

🤣Good!!! That should keep them busy for a while.


Alabama police officers suspended for making hand gesture linked to white power | TheHill

Whew! I’m glad they were suspended!

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Alabama Has the Worst Poverty in the Developed World, U.N. Official Says