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(577) Fred Rogers’ 2002 Dartmouth College Commencement Address – YouTube

Good stuff.  🙂  <3

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Historical Roasts: Comedic roasts of historical characters with cutting wit and wisdom

If you haven’t already seen episodes of the show Historical Roasts, this episode in which they roast Martin Luther King, Jr., is a great entrypoint. 🙂

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(309) Fully Automated Luxury Communism | Aaron Bastani – YouTube

I’m tempted to read his book.  I have a lot of other stuff to do right now though.  🙂  If anyone else has read it, however, please do tell me what you thought of it.

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(120) Biden Attacks Mexicans & Mexico In Secret Video ( Live From Tempe Improv) – YouTube

Joe Biden is a chump, just like all the other practiced, politician-class idiots that run Congress at the behest of their corporate owners and masters.

Nice to see a bunch of people who GET IT (!!!!!!!!) enjoying an evening together.  I’m hoping to get something similar going in Jackson, Mississippi, with my Jackson Progressive Salon and our summer kick-off event on June 20, 2019, a screening of Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next.

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Chair-dancing and chair-rapping with Cypress Hill

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Check out @The_UnSilent_’s Tweet:

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Video of esteemed newly-crowned Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s wife unable to conceal wholly rightful disgust in his presence

Check out @_SJPeace_’s Tweet:

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Under-prosecuted, uninvestigated, white male supremacist idiots

Check out @ProPublica’s Tweet:

It’s disturbing how seemingly oblivious, ignorant, unknowledgeable, and powerless law enforcement seems to be when it comes to protecting anyone other than the power structure in place especially from thuggish, brutish, WASPy white boys such as these.

Praise Jesus et al. for people such as ProPublica.

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Watch Janelle Monae describe her relationship with voting