To All The Christians Who Do Not Observe Christmas In The USA…

Check out @BernieSanders’s Tweet:

If a country were truly a democracy then voting day would be a national holiday. It would be a sanctified occasion for sure. To do otherwise would be like being a Christian and not observing Christmas or Easter. 🙂

So let’s just make up our minds and decide if we want to be a democracy or if we do not want to be a democracy. If we’re going to do it let’s do it well, go all in for God’s sake! Otherwise just stop pretending and do something else.


Bernie Sanders demonstrates ethical bravery

Check out @SenSanders’s Tweet:

Who else is saying this? Which other Democrats are saying this? Who else is independent enough and courageous enough to say things like this? And if you can’t even bring yourself to say things like this how can you possibly bring yourself to do anything about things like this?

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