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The Folly of War, Described by Bill Hicks

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(345) Veteran Speaks At “No War On Iran” Rally Los Angeles – YouTube

This is flippin’ wonderful.  🙂  It’s downright heartwarming!!!

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Watch “Bernie Sanders Remarks on Iran following Suleimani Asassination” on YouTube

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Bush: God Told Me to Invade Iraq | Common Dreams News

President ‘revealed reasons for war in private meeting’

Source: Bush: God Told Me to Invade Iraq | Common Dreams News

Once you have decided to believe in this nonsense the doors are wide open to believing anything else you want.


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(237) Joe Rogan Experience #858 – Jesse Ventura – YouTube

This is way more substantial than anything you will find on MSNBC.

Nourish your brain with meaningful video content!  Don’t be a TV zombie and suck up all the crap that corporate/CIA/USA-media foists upon you!  It’s pablum and it reeks!  This is real conversation.  This is real discussion.  This is people being present and only concerned about what is evident between them.  Pretty unusual for you to witness, I’m guessing.  🙂  <3

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Iran’s military leader Qassem Soleimani killed in airstrike at Baghdad airport, Iraqi state TV reports – The Washington Post

There is so much to say about this. 😐 I think it might have to wait for a podcast episode.

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What do we have here, folks?! This might be actual journalism in the wild!

I have only scanned this story because I am driving home from a trip. I am anxious to delve into it very deeply and see if it is all it should be cracked up to be. 😉🙂🙃

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Watch/listen to this US military veteran speak truthfully, reasonably, and wisely.

He’s very forthcoming and knowledgeable. Scott Ritter shares his heartbreaking disillusionment surrounding the apathy and indifference our (in my words) commercial, capitalist, hyper-American, mainstream media, hegemonic society has shown when presented with truth and evidence of the USA’s actual posture toward the people of this Earth, not the benign fantasy that we imagine when we stand and imbecilicly ape each other and say the stupid national anthem together.

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Everyone’s busy at home while daddy’s out working

Check out @BuzzFeedNews’s Tweet:

We here in the United States of America have absolutely no idea what our savage, warmongering, greedy, capitalist, power-hungry, soulless, war-machine, corporate government is doing to the rest of the world. No idea whatsoever.

Obviously, literally, some people do have an idea but I was trying to make a point. 🙂👍🕊️💜🌍🌌👽👾


Stop War Now

Believe it or not, we don’t need to do this anymore. Start holding warmongering human beings accountable for their grievous acts and PREVENT the casual murder of children such as these.