My Gun Situation

I now have a variety of firearms that suit many situations. There are a couple nooks and crannies than I would like to fill (shooting at 700+ yards, pocket gun), but I’m very satisfied with my arsenal. I’m also very satisfied by the service I’ve received from The Range by Jimmy Primo’s in Madison/Gluckstadt, Mississippi. Alex is great! So are many others I’ve worked with!

I think the darling of my collection so far is my Beretta Cx4 Storm. I’ve only fired it on one occasion and look forward to becoming expert at it. It’s so elegant!!!

And I do think I like Beretta’s design aesthetic. It’s so ergonomic. I bought a Beretta pistol and it feels great.

And I have a couple BB and pellet guns by the back porch. I have found it useful to have the ability to project power across my backyard and scare off, for example, neighborhood cats who are thinking that they own my yard and are bullying my kitties. We can’t have that! I don’t want to physically harm or injure anyone, of course! But being able to make some noise and make a ruckus from a distance is very satisfying. I want my yard to be welcoming to all critters, be they birds, raccoons, possums, other nice kitties, frogs, etc., even wasps! And especially spiders! And slugs! Fortunately, I don’t have to resort to a BB gun to impart manners to a slug or a spider. Just a nudge or wave of a hand will suffice.

Okay, I’m done for now. I’m sure that my gun situation will surprise and dismay some of my friends, and I am looking forward to having whatever conversations that precipitates. Or not! Maybe stoney silence is name of the game. Silent judgement. We shall see.

Trophy-Killing Utah Wildlife Commissioner Murders Family of Baboons and Then Brags About it Afterward

What a goddamn idiot.

It reminds me of the time I was listening to a story on This American Life and this grown man was brought to tears by his trying to impart vehemently the wisdom that by killing the rhinos as he’d done during his trips to Africa it was he and those like him and not the Liberals and Greenpeace et al. who were actually the ones saving the animals from extinction. 😐 Alright. πŸ‘

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