Huge shark caught with fly tackle

Huge shark caught with fly tackle: “David Pescovitz: In March, Dr. Martin Arostegui reeled in the heaviest fish ever caught on fly tackle. He nabbed the 385-pound lemon shark near Key West, Florida, using a filleted barracuda to lure the shark toward his boat. From the Associated Press:

‘We brought it in alive and we released it alive,’ Arostegui told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. ‘That to me is what made the catch very special…’

He fought the fish for one hour, and at one point the shark opened its jaws and attacked (Capt. Ralph) Delph’s 29-foot boat.

‘He could have eaten half of me or even all of me in one bite,’ said Arostegui, who stands at 5 feet tall.
Link (Thanks, Lindsay Tiemeyer!)

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