Fuck you, Dr. Danziger! :-)

I do like Dr. Danziger a lot. He was the one one who finally pointed out my big back problems and helped me find a way to address them. That started my journey.

BUT! πŸ™‚ He DID say, “You’ll never be a runner…,” and I have to say that has stuck in my craw ever since. He ALSO said, “Your back is really fucked up.” Which ALSO enlightened me to how messed up my situation was, and what I needed to address. But who says that to a patient, about never being a runner??? I took that shit to heart!!!

But now I feel like running. I’ve followed his advice and I feel like I want to run. My core is meaty and golden (I think, thanks to lots of Pilates and yoga) and I’m, for now, running across intersections while running errands and stuff. But I’ve felt, more recently, like running for running’s sake!!! I feel like I need to run!!!!

I’ve been stifled, in that regard, by childhood asthma and basic white-male-TV lethargy. I used to feel some kind of stinging in my left-rib area while running laps at Walt Whitman Junior High School in Alexandria, Virginia, I think. There was A. Taylor, my gym teacher, and M. Taylor, the other guy. A. Taylor was a wise and gentle man, direct and coherent. I liked him a lot. M. Taylor, on the other hand, seemed to be the other side of the coin; the antithesis to wisdom and humanity. Instead, M. Taylor Seemed to signify the worst and least powerful aspects of masculinity, which were physical prowess, wrestling, homophobic exercises of various disguises. I’m not saying all sports are gay! What I *am* saying is that physical contests seem to be for the benefit of people who need reassurance of their identity. If you want to boil it down to one thing, I think that is it.

But what if you don’t like sports!!! What then??? So you have some people who are so jazzed about proving themselves in physical activity, juxtaposed to people who are just trying to enjoy physical activity and learn how their bodies work. Because we have a system of life in this stupid country that doesn’t allow any room for nuance of any kind, we end up with this mess of people who are either ALL THAT, or all THAT OTHER THING.

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