More mainstream media failure, explained for your convenience.

Stop watching this shit, people!  Man. . . .  You could be putting facts and wisdom in your head instead of this junk.

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Jackson Progressive Salon list: “Recent changes to our event calendar”

Hello, comrades!  🙂

I updated our calendar recently and that might have generated a lot of e-mail or app notification noise for you.  I apologize for that if so.

It appeared that along the way there were created duplicate calendar events.  I removed them but I wanted to ensure that everyone knows *we are still having weekly happy hours*!  🙂  And I use “happy hour” loosely.  Feel free to drink or not drink, eat or not eat.  The point is just to hang out in a friendly environment with people you might not otherwise hang out with but share a lot of your values.

I worked with Hal & Mal’s to come up with dates for our next three movie nights: September 13, October 18, and November 22.  Please attend and enjoy some thought-provoking media with your progressive sisters and brothers!

I think that’s it.

By the way, because we are a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization donations are *not* tax deductible.  But I encourage you to do it anyway!  🙂

Peace, love, and imagination,


Source: Jackson Progressive Salon list: “Recent changes to our event calendar”

Interesting Articles

(578) The Jimmy Dore Show Live – YouTube

Get a daily dose of truth right here!  🙂  And there are some funny parts!

2018 Mid-Term News Politics

Live election coverage on Reddit! 👍



BBC News – 2018/09/15 13:01 GMT – @bbcworldservice

A great way to start the day and give it more context.

News Politics

Brett Kavanaugh said he would kill Roe v. Wade last week and almost no one noticed from politics


Cleveland police pull a Kaepernick

Irony from PoliticalHumor


CNN: The real reason Bob Woodward’s book is so damaging for Trump

CNN: The real reason Bob Woodward’s book is so damaging for Trump.


What We Know About the Man Charged with Executing Two Muslims in New York – VICE

This is a strange and tragic story. No insanity plea, no motive, and frustratingly no real investigation into this murderer’s background.


BBC – World Service – Home

International, analysis and information from the BBC World Service.

Source: BBC – World Service – Home

Awesome news source.  I like to leave it on while I’m working late, falling asleep, want to catch up on things without a bunch of extra noise.  They don’t try to skip around and cram things in between commercial breaks.  Very refreshing.  This sets a standard for media and audio/video news production.