9 hours of ‘Executive Time’: Trump’s unstructured days define his presidency – POLITICO


This kind of stuff is just fascinating to me. 🙂 Imagining the nuts and bolts of what goes into this kind of an experience. I’m sure he’s king of the world as far as he knows (thank you Steely Dan and Yertle the 🐢, 🙂👍💜).

And now I’m having a harder and harder time tagging and categorizing news items related to Herr Drumpf because this really isn’t politics. Politics is the arena in which these decisions are being made but it really isn’t politics is it? It’s lunacy and fascism but it’s basically about changing the rules of the game and stealing things. It’s a crash and grab; is that what it’s called?

The Tao And The Vague Path!

This speaks to me loudly and clearly! 🙂 Now I need to figure out what to do with it. 🤣🖖🕉️🌈🦄🌌🤔👾👽♊

Lucid Being


The Tao And The Vague Path!

Seeking No Audience – Unlike Almost All Else – This is Taoism and Tao = Path, But What Is It Good For?

Common misconceptions about Taoism and The Mystery of the Ancient Taoist only deepen as so little of the ancient texts are successfully translated for the world to see, BUT… Ironic is the fact that so much of the little translated and little interpreted of the Ancient texts are translated by academics who have not walked the Tao-Path to begin with, also for many who truly walk this walk will hardly profess to doing so in the first place.


First we must move past a misguided assumption that the spirituality of the Eastern World is far more spiritual than that of the Western World. This misconception is cleared if and when we get past this ‘wall of the vague sense’ that comes from so…

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Here’s why this ex-Republican left the party – and now thinks the GOP needs to be reduced to smoldering rubble


I sincerely and greatly commend Max Boot and others like him for being so philosophically courageous as to face this situation honestly and follow the truth wherever it led them, regardless of how painful, isolating, disorienting, and lonely it might have been. They set a crucial example for others regardless of their political or social beliefs.

Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is ‘morally wrong’

Ex-UN chief Ban Ki-moon says US healthcare system is ‘morally wrong’


Kudos to Ban Ki-moon for having the courage to step forward and say something like this.

One thing I will question is why the rest of the Western world was seemingly so absent from public condemnations of events and policies in the USA that preceded or directly resulted in this situation. I do champion diplomacy and have the deepest respect for those who engage in it. However it is also necessary and healthy to be brave and principled enough to bite the hand that feeds you when the other hand is beating you or someone else. At some point you become complicit via inaction.

Capitalism is evil/inhumane/over

I’ll take this perfect opportunity to say how disappointed I am about however one would describe this situation with Colin Kaepernick and Nike.

Yes, selling out is actually a thing. It never went away. And it has always had the same significance.

Pop culture for decades seems to have decidedly and wholeheartedly endorsed selling out, cashing in, etc., making it seem okay or even necessary. Well it’s not. Almost nothing is absolutely necessary.

Everything you do is a vote. Perhaps the most meaningful votes these days involve how you spend your money. When you spend your money on a product or service you are not merely conducting a transaction. You are materially supporting the ability of the entity with which you are conducting commerce to sustain itself.

Missing the point

It seems like to most Americans the only relevant question is which one of these sides is the winner, or should be the winner, or was the winner. In actuality that question is practically irrelevant. A more relevant question would be how did we end up like this? How did we come to accept a public forum where incongruities such as these are tolerated and allowed to exist at all?

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